WMG_9416A Message from the Director of Elmo Early School: Suzy Dobreski

Welcome to El Montecito Early School! We are a Christian preschool which has been caring for children since 1958. I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture young children as my staff and I partner with parents in preparing them for Kindergarten.

We lay a solid foundation for many future years of elementary school by providing a loving environment that is content-rich, and offer various options for children to gain knowledge within different styles of learning modalities. We focus our teaching around solid Christian principles coupled with respect and good manners. What a joy it is to watch these precious children grow, learn and blossom into the young people that God has designed them to be!

My staff and I intentionally under-promise and over-deliver every day. We are a collaborative staff of expert teachers; we use modern methods of communication to relay some amazing happenings within the school day such as blogging and picture messaging.

We take our role very seriously in providing loving care for the children. Our highly skilled staff upholds the Christian values and ideals which characterize the school.

El Montecito Early School
1455 East Valley Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
PH: 969-3566
School License #426212460